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From where comes these 2 triangles on a new empty default project & scene?

polycounter lvl 8
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V!nc3r polycounter lvl 8
I'm about to enhance my Polycount Blender addon so as to get the real verts count, but I need to do some tests and of course make comparisons between my stats on some 3D engine stats.

As I haven't work on Unity since few years I was a bit suprised by these defaults statitics:
1.7k tri / 5k verts, what the heck?

So OK, this was not difficult to target, it was just the default skybox (I think it's still a big polycount for this but why not):

But now I've stil 2 triangles & 4 verts in this absolutly empty scene, and I wondering where this comes from. Is someone have an idea?

(and also, a bit offtopic, but I don't see where I can get stats on selection only, is it possible?)


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