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Portfolio: https://aquiney.artstation.com/

Hey everyone. I'd really appreciate it if anybody could give me some feedback on my current portfolio. I've just graduated from my Masters at University and I am starting to look for my first job in the industry. I'm aiming towards applying for Junior/Intern level roles right now. 

Thanks in advance! 


  • BagelHero
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    BagelHero interpolator
    Looking good! The quarry piece is really crisp and nice. Good composition, too. But I've read that its possibly not a great idea to use megascans for portfolio pieces like this because it calls into question how much you made. More breakdown shots might help? Im not an environment artist really so I dont know how much weight this holds, I think there was a discussion about it somewhere on polycount recently.

    The Roman Bathhouse... It looks pretty lovely, but is hard to see. If you still have it, going back and adjusting the post processing to be a bit clearer would be nice. I see the pot you have in props and it makes me wish I could see the details in the environment. The fire is also a little too wild and distracting. Oh, and the bricks under the plaster/clay on the wall seem to have flipped normals which feels a bit goofy.

    The rotunda is... fine. I'd honestly work to replace that first, sooner than later. Its just not particularly compelling and the "took 2 weeks to complete" kind of nails that right home. Its the most student-y piece imo.

    I like all your props. Sand and snow are fine but a bit too procedural/simple. I'd like to see even more variations, and examples of them being used-- or just more materials in general if you're going to have a tab for them.

    Definitely think you're on the right path, and looking forward to seeing more from you soon!
  • Axemeister
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    Axemeister polycounter lvl 8
    I really appreciate the feedback. I think I agree, the Rotunda is much weaker than the others, i'll probably just take it off for now. I guess I kept it on just to fill out my portfolio a bit. I'm hopefully starting a new environment this week that I can eventually replace it with. 

    I'm going to start creating some more interesting materials in substance Designer too, as those ones were made a while back now. But it's good to know that you think i'm on the right track at least. 

    Thanks again! 
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