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Need 3D artist -- unique steampunk video game

Hello all,

We are an indie video game studio that is in the process of starting up. We are in need of a 3D artist!

Our game is a 3D first person RPG with FPS elements. The setting of the game is very important. It is set in a steampunk cloud city in an alternate history post-WWII. All of the characters, environments, and weapons will use a unique steampunk style. The visuals and atmosphere will have a large impact on the story and gameplay.

Here are the requirements:

- 3D Modeling and Texturing skills
- Access to your own modeling software
- Portfolio, does not have to be for a video game

We do not require:

- Animation or rigging
- Programming

It's not required, but we would also prefer that you are capable of basic concept art.

You will not be compensated during development. No one on the team will be. If we sell a completed product after development, you will get an equal share of the revenue.


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