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My 3D Game Art Showcase [Final Pieces and W.I.P.s]

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Hi, my name is Will and I am an aspiring Concept Artist who also uses 3D.

I will showcase my 3D Game Art and 3D Models in this thread.
My 2D Concept Art showcase is in another thread: 
<a href="https://polycount.com/discussion/218087/2d-concept-art-finished-pieces-w-i-p-sketches" title="Link: https://polycount.com/discussion/218087/2d-concept-art-finished-pieces-w-i-p-sketches">https://polycount.com/discussion/218087/2d-concept-art-finished-pieces-w-i-p-sketches</a>


"X-Wing Fighter" from the Star Wars Franchise.

[Triangles 130K. Textures: 2 x (Diffuse, Normal Map, Specular) @ 2048 x 2048]

I did this vehicle to push myself and train in Blender so I can make decent 3D assets for game engines.
It took about 5 days. [2 days modelling, 1 and half days technical art (uv map & baking), 1 and half days texturing]. 
Software used:  Blender, Sketchpad Pro, GIMP and Marmoset Toolbag.

FINAL PRESENTATION RENDERS [Real-time, done with Marmoset Toolbag]

A squadron of X-Wings begin their attack... [Rendered with Marmoset Toolbag]

Game Model: Angles... [Real-time, done with Marmoset Toolbag]



Mesh, rear-view...

High Poly (Blender - Cycles Renderer)

High Poly (Blender - Cycles Renderer)

High Poly (Blender - viewport)

3D Turntable [Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag]


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    3D Turntable [Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag]

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    "SA80 Assault Rifle"

    25K Triangles [Diffuse, Normal Map and Spec @ 2048 x 2048]

    I made a game model of the British Army's SA80 assault rifle. Rendered in Marmoset unless otherwise stated.

    High Poly Model 

    Wire Frames

    3D Turntable rendered in Marmoset...

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    "Gibson Les Paul and Marshall Amp" - Game Model.

    30K Triangles. [Diffuse, Normal Map and Spec @ 4096 x 4096]

    Axe level 11  B) 

    I wanted to model the Les Paul and make it a game prop. I also made 6 different textures as skins. 
    Modelled in Blender, with hand-painted textures using SketchBook Pro and GIMP, rendered in Marmoset or Blender, Eevee (real-time).

    Presentation Render. [Rendered in Eevee real-time renderer, Blender]

    Angles [Rendered in Marmoset]

    Skin Variations [Rendered in Marmoset] 
    High Poly Model and Details

    Viewport - Wires

    3D Turntable - Rendered in Marmoset

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    3D Character 

    "3D Character Bust"

    I made a male character bust and rigged it to give expressions.
    It is based on a soldier character from my first illustrated science fiction novel "Tail End Charlie 2074 A.D.".
    Presentation Renders done in Eevee real-time renderer in Blender.

    Neon Lights.... [Rendered in Eevee, Blender]

    Close Ups... Expressions.

    Neck Tattoo. I did the design in Inks...

    High Poly Sculpt...

    The Character Bust...



    Viewport (with wires)...

    Animated GIF of the viewport states...


    Against a Matte Painting [Environment Concept Art by me]

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