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Looking for a 3D Artist / Animator for an Anime/Photorealistic game

DISCLAIMER: The project is being developed by a team of cuban developers. We don't have the capacity nor the hability to pay someone to do this task (The monthly wage in Cuba is 20 US dollars). We aspire to get an Epic Mega Grant (I can cash the money LEGALLY) for funding the development of the game; and that money will include your fees. To sweeten the deal even more, I will give a percentage of the total game sales for the first year (Based on your skill and the workload you will have to deal with).

Hello! We are actively looking for a 3D artists and animator for a Open World, Story Driven Sci-Fi RPG game. The characters in the game will be anime-styled and the environment will be photorealistic. You will model, rig and animate only the characters (We do have another 3D artist doing pretty much else). 
We do have several systems coded for the game (Inventory, Skills, Interactable enviroment, etc), some of the lore and concept art for some of the races and items/weapons; and we are currently working on a demo to make public our game, but we don't have any characters for us to continue the development of the game. 

We are using Unreal Engine 424 (The project is alive since 4.21), Blender for the models and Substance Painter for the texturing.

If you wish to join our team, please write me to [email protected], I will send you a game concept paper with relevant and more detailed info of the project
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