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Anura - Frog RPG Game

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Danduw triangle


Anura explores a medieval RPG adventure with a frog twist. Quested with finding answers to your mysterious birthmark, the player is faced with exploring the infamous Greymire, an island torn by conflict and dark secrets. Which questions will be answered? You will be greeted by mysterious and colourful characters, it will be your choice who you choose to help.
- Team - 
Daniel Hill - Team Lead, Character Art, Concept 
Mack Foley - Character Art, Environment Art
Lisa Blackwell - Environment Art
Carmen Preece - Environment Art 
Aritz Sanchez - Environment Art 
Callum Beadle - Environment Art, Materials 
Sam Mayson -Tech Art
Our Goal for Anura is focusing on creating a playable game environment, including simple RPG mechanics such as inventory, money, purchasing and quest taking mechanics. Our aim is to present an experience similar to levels seen in a modern RPG Adventure game, we are looking to immerse the player in an environment and atmosphere as close to the real thing as we can. The project has been in development since last summer, developing the environment, the player and the NPCs seen. We have collected a strong collection of reference boards and concept art throughout are progression on this project and we now on our way to getting our base assets done.

- - Dev Log Playlist  - - 

Market - Lisa Blackwell (Secondary Props made by team members)

Market (House Asset) - Lisa Blackwell

Watchtower - Aritz Sanchez

Crpyt - Mack Foley

Character Art - Daniel Hill

Materials - Callum Beadle

We have far to go but here are our environments and assets so far for Anura, all advice is welcome! 


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