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Hello, I'm new to sharing my works, help


Hi, I have been working with Blender for a while, but I've never posted anything so I don't know where to start. I hope this is the right place to ask.

I guess I'm generalist, I have a lot of abstract renders but I also like architecture, some character animation, some creature designs and I really want to do character animation. (I should focus on just one)

I am completely new to posting things online so I have no idea where to post. Where do you all recommend? Reddit? Twitter? ArtStation? Instagram? Polycount? Deviantart? Forums? What are some Blender/3d related places? Blenderartists?

I like doing abstract and geometric renders and shapes (some with animated loops) and I have a bunch of them lying around. Usually multiple variations of the same concept. I admit that it's a quantity over quality thing, Is this even something people would care about? (Instagram has multiple images in one post, that sounds good)

Should i sign my things?

I also like to mess around with textures and patterns, nothing groundbreaking, but I think they look nice.

Where could I post or even sell them? Abstract wallpapers are a popular thing.

I'm new and any tips would be helpful.


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