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Copper Bronco (dumbass)

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RaulTavares polycounter lvl 10
Long has it been since I did any personal work. Having always been a huge fan of Dishonored, I decided to make something heavily inspired by it. So I made Copper Bronco (Brooklyn accent and all), a thick, dumb, dishonoredesque guard/policeman.
Stylization was done by exaggerating proportions, accentuating plane transitions in sculpting and having a blend of realistic texturing (substance) with hand-painted albedo.
It was an amazing experience to work under the guidance of Georgian Avasilcutei (aka nimlot https://www.artstation.com/nimlot) and take things up a level. Check out his patreon if you're interested in having someone guide you and push you to give your best everyday of the week.


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