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Thesis for bachelor in game design

Hi guys! We are making our thesis project to get our degree in Game Design and Graphics and we would love your help.
This thesis is intended as a theoretical paper and builds on the problem: Artists understanding what is real-time graphics, why producing optimized 3D assets is important and how to do it.

We will be conducting some tests and creating some graphs to check when it is good to use a certain technique or when you should be using another one and so on.
A very simple example of this (just to show what we mean) would be geometry vs textures. When do you reduce geometry and add textures or add geometry and reduce textures.
We want to make it from artists to artists, cause most of what we find on optimization is for programmers or for designers.

Anyway, if you are a 3D artist, we would love it if you could help us answering a very short 2 minute survey just to see more or less the situation between artists and optimization.

We would also appreciate any feedback anyone can give us, ideas or even links about this things! We can use all the help :) Thank you so much in advance!


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