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Mainstream title DLC seeking 3D modeler with high texturing capability (short term work)

Paid/ rev share
Discord ID: Rob (Eggbeast)#3291
Email: Robg@savage-game.com

Project Director at UK-based Savage Game Design Ltd. We have 80 team members worldwide working on Arma 3 Creator DLC.

Previously made Arma 3 Jets DLC https://arma3.com/dlc/jets
Planning to release another paid DLC for Arma 3 in 2020. About 70% completed.

Part-time / remote / zero hours contract / fees based on work orders
2 Experienced Vehicle Artists - tanks, aircraft, aircraft weapons

We pay hourly rates and a profit share, but the fees are paid after game release, from income, so it may appear more like a rev share project to some.
After release, we are paid by Valve and Bohemia quarterly, and pay our team from the available income, an equal percentage of their accrued / invoiced hours.
Once everyone has been paid 100% of their invoices, we then pay profit share on top. 80% of project profits are shared by the team.
Project budget is $1.4m. Art budget $450,000.

Artists work 10-20h/wk based on availability.
Every 6 weeks we allocate more work. 12 months potential work available.
Every item has fixed budget at $35/hr. Vehicles $6k Air weapons $350 each

Most work needs to be completed within 4 months.

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