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Nowhere (Playable game)

Hello everyone.

I´m new in polycount But I've been looking at jobs for a while.

I would your feedback about this small playable demo that I created.

The modeling is created in 3dsmax, textured in Substance painter and moved all with Unity engine.


  • teodar23
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    teodar23 interpolator
    Hey Jhon,

    I think it would be more helpful for anyone to see some video of your demo, maybe some screens.
    Also, you seem to have made this incorrect connection between this forum (where people post their wips and finished work for various reasons) and a job search engine. If you want to find a job in some field, i suggest you find that exact job and applying for it, directly.
    You might get some recruiters attention by posting something here, but you probably wont get more than a thumbs up from them.
    Speaking of this forum, there are loads of posts and resources listed here that go into great detail on how to present a portfolio and how to present yourself overall to potential recruiters. Stuff like posting an email address so that people can reach you directly. And maybe an artstation page so that said people can view other works done by you.

    best of luck!
  • Jhon_Rayo
    Thank youteodar23

    You are right that this may not be the forum indicating, I am still adapting.

    My intention is have feedback on modeling and texturing, but it is true that I created this to be able to teach this as a portfolio.

    Thanks for the response and I will be able to see some photos of the project.

    And sorry for my inglish ;)
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