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Hello, I am a 3D art student and I am currently working on a project for class. It would be a honor to be critiqued by other artist to improve my craft. 

Concept Art by: Igor Rozovny


  • KatharinaSuhany
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    KatharinaSuhany polycounter lvl 3
    I think you have till now managed to translate the concept well in 3d. Keep up the good work!
    Please do not forget to model or texture the sheets of paper lying around in the streets of the concept, it makes your scene a lot more lively if they are included. 
    I would also consider thinking about modeling this one lighter coloured stone which is sticking out of the street, could be an nice eye catcher. 
    The thing I would especially like to point out is that you should check if you have any ngons in your scene. I imagine that the front of the street sign is one. Are you using 3ds Max for the modelling? If you do, here is a trick to make it easier to find any hidden ngons: 
    1.) Select your mesh as an element, hold control to change to the polygon selection. Now all your polygons are selected
    2.) Let Max show you the ribbon menu, there is a button for this in the upper menu near the align button
    3.) Go to the selection rider in the menu that came up
    4.) On the right you can see that there is a numeric window, the menu should read 4 sides and an equal sign will me marked
    5.) Change the equal to greater than
    6.) All your ngons will be marked
    7.) Remove the ngons by connecting vertices or insetting (just some examples :))
    During my time in school ngons were a big red flag in any exercise that we did because they can mess up things like shading and smoothing.
    I finally would like to point out that some of your meshes should be a little more lowpoly than they probably are. The traffic cone and the street lamp have way more edges than the rest of your scene. Of course they are rounded surfaces and should appear this way, but I would advise to go and check out if you can get the same results with fewer polygons. The more polys you can save the better, it helps when you are later working with bigger projects and engines. 

    Hope that helps!

  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    Just wanted to say this looks amazing to me.
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