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Characters for a Mystery Game

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Yuzach greentooth
Hello polycounters! 3

In this thread I'll be adding some new characters that I've made for the upcoming game by NineZyme: Laura Bow and the Mechanical Codex.
I've decided not to make a new topic for every character, so they'll be all in one place :)

1. The very first one is Laura - the main hero.

You could already see her in this topic - Lady Detective.
Full post with different outfits in here, on my Artstation

2. Sam
Full post on Artstation

As previously, I’ve been working both on the concept and 3D model of this serious-looking gentleman!

Here is the concept:

And here are some images of the actual model:

And some WIPs:

If you want to know more about the game itself, NineZyme have launched their official website with all the info and more art: http://ninezyme.com
They also release interesting blog posts via the newsletter every month about how the game is developing, at what stage it is right now, showing some WIPs, animation samples, environment shots, etc. (for any questions or suggestions concerning the game itself, don’t hesitate to contact NineZyme directly, they are kind and friendly: info@ninezyme.com).

Thanks for watching! :) More coming soon!


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