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3D Animator {Shared Revenue}

Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel. Pleased to meet you! My team and I are looking to invite new members to join us in working on “Unnatural Selection”, a narrative-driven, episodic adventure game in the vein of the Telltale series of games and Life is Strange. Originally started as a class project which was mentored by Deck Nine Game, the studio behind Life is Strange: Before the Storm, we would like your help to bring it to life.

Story Summary:

When a struggling family goes on a hunting trip in an attempt to reconcile after a shared tragedy, they undergo a grueling ordeal that puts their convictions to the test.

Game Engine: UE4

Project Scope: We are currently working on a demo for Episode 1, which we will utilize to raise capital investment.

The Position:

3D Animator

You will collaborate with the team in creating rigs and animations for character models.

Your duties include:

1. Creating rigs to be used for animations.

2. Skinning 3D models to rigs.

3. Creating and polishing animations.


1. Have working knowledge of 3D animation suites.

2. Attention to detail.

3. Excellent communication skills.

4. Be willing to learn and grow on the job.


We offer net profit percentages from revenue based on the level of contribution made to the project. Should the project receive appropriate funding, the positions could transition into paid positions.

To Apply:

Please send samples of your work to dcaine@well-preparedproductions.com. That’s honestly all we care about.

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