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3ds Max to UE4 Normal/smoothing groups not exporting.

Forgive the broad nature of the title, as im not sure exactly what my issue is. Essentially, a great deal of my assets are displaying like this within UE4:


As it stands, each asset has:
- Correct smoothing groups
- Correct normals
Within 3ds Max, but when i bring them into the engine, they end up looking like i haven't assigned any smoothing groups to them? I've currently tried:
- Resetting Xform
- Resetting normals / using an edit normals script

And nothing has worked at all. Im honestly stumped. I dont think its my UV's as theyre mapped properly in the 2 channel. It could maybe be my material since its using bump offset / emissive to get a crystal effect but it doesn't display like this on some of my other meshes. Anyone have any solutions to this? Any help would be very appreciated.


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