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[WIP] Sombra | Early concept | 3D Rendition

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Hello Polycount!! I'm working on a new project for my portfolio and I wanted to do a deep-dive on the Overwatch style. I'm taking Sombra's early concept and turning it into 3D. I'd like to get some feedback on the sculpt so far before I move ahead blindly. 

I'd really like to achieve a similar style as Overwatch, especially in the facial attributes. 

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Early Concept (c) Blizzard Entertainment 

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I'm referencing Sombra's High Poly model and studying/breaking down the proportions that are used for the women in Overwatch. They tend to favor longer legs. 

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Thank you! 


  • JCorsiArt
    PROGRESS UPDATE [2/18/2020]
    I went back and did a second pass of Anatomy (mostly focusing on bony landmarks rather than the full anatomical process) as well as lining up my model with current existing Overwatch models (some that were ripped from the game) to check that the proportions were lining up well enough for having eyeballed them starting out. 

    I would still really greatly appreciate any form of advice or feedback from anyone who has a really solid grasp of it. I'm currently using the book Anatomy for 3D artists as my teacher for anatomy, having never taken a structured anatomy class. :') Thanks! 

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