Is Monopod Worth it? (vs Tripod)

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Is Monopod Worth it? (vs Tripod)   

Hello, i do photogrammetry, i have some cheap tripod, it does the job, but im scanning mainly indoors, outdoors with tripod seems like too much hassle, too much problems, not even the transporting itself of the tripod but mainly positioning and repositioning during scanning itself, outdoors, lets say even in forest... If you make DOZENS and DOZENS of photos, even around 100+ of one object, dealing with tripod just slows you down a lot, takes the fun out of scanning...

So... is monopod worth it? I know the dealing and repositioning during scanning should be MUCH easier with one leg only (monopod vs tripod), correct?

But my main question is: How much steady really is a monopod vs tripod...? Is it ALMOST the same? Is it halfway between shooting just from hand (handheld) and shooting from tripod? Or is  really almost the same as shooting from hand and thus monopod is not worth buying (if one already has a tripod)?


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