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How to Properly Present 3D Characters in your Portfolio

I am new here and my portfolio is terrible and I am in the process of overhauling it, I focus on 3D Character Art and so far I am in the process of making better characters. What I wish to know is how would you present your characters in a portfolio? I have seen images of characters posing, sometimes next to a version of themselves that shows their polygons and their rigging. Do you take pictures of them in Maya/Blender and them port them in Photoshop? Perhaps something else?


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    There is a lot of SW for rendering, for example Marmoset Toolbag or Arnold but you can also render in Unreal Engine if you want. So I think it's really up to you. You can also go to Artstation and look at characters of other artists and sometimes there is a logo in corner of the picture that indicates which software they used. And if not, scroll down the page and there will be list of all SW they used.
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