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I'm rendering out a simple character turntable with 200 frames at 24fps.  If I play the 24fps turntable in Maya, its very fast and I want it to be much slower.  If I set it to 120fps I get a nice gradual turntable but at the cost of 2000 frames to be rendered.   :/

Never done an animation/turntable before so was wondering how I would be able to achieve a slow 120 frame rate but still only render 200 frames.  I'd be using After effects.  Any help, pretty please :)


  • poopipe
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    poopipe quad damage
    None of this makes sense 

    Take your desired output fps
    Multiply it by the number of seconds you want the animation to take, make your animation over that number of frames and render them all out. 

  • Dihemi
    obloquy said:
    was wondering how I would be able to achieve a slow 120 frame rate but still only render 200 frames.
    To elaborate on what poopipe said, having a slower/smoother animation while rendering an equal amount of frames isn't possible (or at least not a good idea; it will turn choppy).

    You have 200 frames at 24fps. That's an 8 and 1/3 second turntable. If you want a 10 seconds animation at 24fps you'll need 240 frames. If you want a 15 seconds turntable at 24fps you need 360 frames (24 X 15 = 360).

    But also make sure your After Effects project and imported footage are also set at the correct frame rate. Maya renders still frames and the frame rate doesn't get included with it. By default in After Effects it's 30fps.

    To adjust footage fps:

    To adjust your projects fps: go to Composition -> Composition setting (Ctrl + K) and adjust the frame rate in the pop up. Then place the footage in your project.

    Hope it helps

  • oglu
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    If you need the turntable for a web presentation use gif as output. And hold one frame for a longer time. Its getting steppy but you dont need that much frames. 
  • Eric Chadwick
    Better yet, use a real-time 3d viewer like Toolbag or Sketchfab. Then people can rotate and zoom to their hearts' content.
  • RN
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    RN polycounter
    GIF is widely supported, but I wish APNG was more mainstream. It would be the ultimate solution for these cases -- not only does it let you use soft alpha transparency but 24-bit color as well, and still give you smaller files than GIF (examples).

    Besides the other solutions suggested, another possibility is to embed MP4 (H.264) video in your blog/portfolio/whatever. There's an embedded MP4 video with autoplay+muted settings at the bottom of this article:
    It can be smaller than GIF while fitting more frames. Browser compatibility is wide too.
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