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[UE4] Female head - trying to understand UE4

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Hey ya, It's been years since I've posted here.

I had a model I had been working on and off for for a really long time. So I decided to try and take it further, mostly to try and put something into UE4 to learn about it. I have a bit of walk through on my website so for here I'm just post some pictures of the progress.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to make just the head mainly try out doing hair. I've always had interest in the technical things like shaders etc but it wasn't related to the work I did. I did manage to find new work working with Unity so it's been really interesting learning that side of things however the kind of work I'm doing isn't quite what I'm looking for so this is also why I started this personal work.

Started with a base mesh I found online. It actually was already quite detailed and sculpted nicely so I had to go over and basically smooth everything out. It turned really creepy REALLY fast

So it was onto sculpting and fighting that long period of the model just looking really really ugly until you finally push through to something alright.

Fine detail stuff like the pores and skin textures are from textureXYZ. Although I need to go back in and basically smooth it out there is a bit TOO much info in there and I don't intend on zooming in crazily close.

Hair was done with xgen projected onto planes and then just placing them around the head. I spent like a week or so writing a MEL script to try and speed up the process. After I finished it turned out that it definitely didn't speed it up but learned how to do a bit of MEL so good lessons learned.

When I was finally pretty much done with the model I took it into UE4 and pretty much just ripped out the digital human scene and replaced it with my model and textures. I tried to look at the shader network and learn what I could but I'll definitely need someone to walk through it with me. Also how viable would it actually be in the real world in terms of using in games. I have a feeling it's actually really expensive hence it's only used for showing off the engine.

I really shouldn't have given her a ponytail, she reminds me of Lara Croft a lot now.
I tried to add only a bit more because I want to move onto another project and use what I learned from this.

Now she looks kind of like a Librarian.

So that's where I am at, I want to give myself the deadline of end of this weekend.

Self Critiques/Things I want to do:
  • Clean some of the Blemishes on the face(Second thought might be alright)
  • Reduce the cards on the back of the head and use cards with less hair and have them aimed up as well
  • See if I can fix some of the spec on the fly away hairs, maybe have them fit closer to the hair
  • Go back and use marvelous designer for the top, Originally I just wanted something simple that you don't even really see but to me now it looks like I was being lazy since there isn't much detail in it.
  • Her neck is looking a little too thin especially from the side view(She should have more fold dents on the front but I honestly didn't think I would show that much, also I think I lost my ztool for it so can't really go back and add more)
  • Eyeball probably a bit too white and clean
  • Paint out the hair where the Parting is
  • Add dent for the earrings
Definitely feel free to critique, I don't know how much I can add in and originally wasn't going to post this here. But I have looked at this too long and need a outsiders perspective because I need to get better than I am.

Thanks! There is slightly more detailed process here


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