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Hey everyone, I'm having two issues with this scene I exported from blender into Octane:

1. How can I make the scale of the displacement unifrom? It's much bigger on the outside of the circle and much smaller in the center. I just want it to be the same scale everywhere.

2. Why is the displacement diagonal in some areas and straight in others? I want the geometry to be straight everywhere.

Thanks a lot! 


  • Noors
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    Noors greentooth
    Because of you model UV's. Displacement is a map sampled along UV, like a diffuse or a bump, so you have to unwrap properly.

  • gnoop
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    gnoop polycounter
    Also displacement occurs typically  along  normals defined by vertex normals.   So any object that has split /hard edge / sharp corners / normals  would typically make a split in displaced surface . Few renderers can fix it automatically to certain extent  but not Octane probably .  

    Also typically displacement  is working together with surface tessellation and initial mesh  for safe and good result should be ready for that.   I.e be made of evenly distributed quads , no long triangles , no hard edges etc.    
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