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Hi there, and welcome to my sketchbook! My name's Daphne, friends also call me Dan or Invader, and I am a current sophomore at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. My specific areas of interest include game design as a whole, though through recent exploration I am individualizing myself as a 2D/3D environment artist, along with a focus in lighting and story script writing/narrative development. Over the last year I've taken my first dive into 3D modeling, and will primarily use this sketchbook for such work as it is my least developed skill. My goal is to improve dramatically as a 3D artist as I reach the end of my span at CCS, so critique here is not only greatly appreciated, but encouraged and sought after!

Thanks for taking the time to look at my work! Hopefully in due time this sketchbook will be full of a variety of different projects in the coming weeks and months. 



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