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I don't know if that's the right place for some feature requests for ZBrush but I will post it here for now.

Reason for posting that thread:
I hope that this thread will motivate other ZBrush users too to post some feature requests which will be eventually be seen by some staff members from Pixologic.
2. I had already tons of ideas and I have forgotten to write it down, so now I will post it here whenever I have some requests for ZBrush.

How to post a feature request (just for readability)
- Name of that Request
- Description, (Images are optional but welcome :) )
- reason for that request


It acts like the "Undo History"
The difference is that the user can define when a "tag" is done,
when the user saves that as a ZTOOL (not a Project File), he can later jump between those "tags"

The file size is not as huge as those with "undo history" because you can self define for which subtools, you would like to have those "tags"
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