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Assigning Textures to Materials in Python

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Hey there!

I am tasked with writing a python script for automated object baking.
I am stuck after importing the model. Only the albedo map is assigned to the material.
Maps like metallic, normal and roughness are not assigned.

It would be no problem for me to assign those texures in the python script but i haven't found any functionality exposed that would allow me to do that.
So i am stuck with the import functionality that does not import all my maps.

Do you have any suggestions to this problem?



  • fatique
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    fatique polycounter lvl 3

    There are two examples in plugin folder that can help you with materials scripting:

    Creating Materials from Images.py
    Editing Materials.py


    # Create new material
    mat = mset.Material(name) 
    # Delete it

    # Assign material to mesh

    # Assign texture to material, where texture - path to file
    mat.surface.setField('Normal Map', texture)

    mat.setSubroutine("occlusion", "Occlusion")

    mat.occlusion.setField('Occlusion Map', texture)
  • ryanroye
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    ryanroye polycounter lvl 2
    To add to this post, i'd like to inquire about how to change image settings (more specifically, ticking on/off sRGB or Use Mipmaps). This doesn't seem possible using the setfield function nor does it show up when using "getfieldnames", and I've tried using variants of the "sRGB" function in the texture class but can't get the settings changed through python.

  • ryanroye
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    ryanroye polycounter lvl 2
    I got some help from Luxary (author of this script for Marmoset Toolbag), as I noticed their plugin affected the things I wanted to change. To save others the same frustration, I will relay the info I received from them here.

    Example of setting the Albedo Map to use sRGB, and not use mipmaps.

    material.albedo.getField("Albedo Map").sRGB = True
    material.surface.getField("Normal Map").useMipmaps = False

    I guess I was thrown off by the idea of "get" meaning to obtain information rather than set parameters.

    NOTE: As of Marmoset Toolbag 3.08, you will not see the checkbox update in the UI until you save and reload the scene. As far as I know, this is only a cosmetic issue, it still works as intended.
  • Clark Coots
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    Clark Coots polycounter lvl 9
    thanks @ryanroye for linking me to this thread. I spoke with a tech artist friend and he came up with the exact code you have to set the Albedo map to sRGB:

    material.albedo.getField("Albedo Map").sRGB = True

    I ran into the same UI issues. I didn't try save/reloading. But it was not keeping my sRGB checked sometimes. It would revert to False after I open the UI popup and close it again. Other than that I ran a batch render screenshot script after creating materials and the renders came out fine.

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