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[Unity 2017+] - Alpine Lake Environment

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svchost74 polycounter lvl 8
I am glad to show you my new work based on WM generated mountains and my custom terrain shader (Unity 2017+).
Demo Build - https://is.gd/jmEQu8
Available soon on UnityAssetStore!


  • rexo12
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    rexo12 interpolator

    All I can see really is that I think the birds need to be a bit brighter/less uniform so they don't look like holes in the image. It might also be worth removing the more distant ones as they lack resolution and look to me like artifacting. They also appear oddly placed in some of the shots, throwing off the composition of the image.

    Your last and third-last image does it well I feel: not too many, well defined and silhouetted against the plain sky rather than the busier details of the mountains.

    Other than that minor gripe, this looks incredible!
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