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Modelling for 3D printed dungeon tiles? Whats the best technique and software?

I have been playing with basic terrain for Battletech in tinkercad, trying to get a good foundation for a modular hex system.
But what i am unsure how to approach is the detailing once the foundations are done. 

Like adding texture to the different terrain types, and details in walls and buildings. 

I have seen great tile sets made up for things like D&D with amazing detail in the brick works and such, but so far have not been able to squeeze the know how out of them, and that understandable. 

I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction?

Basically just need to know what techniques i need to learn are called so i can look them up, and the best beginner friendly software to achieve what i need, preferably free tools, but looking at all my options at this stage.


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