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[Maya] GN Automatic UVs By Hard Edges

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Gabriel Nadeau polycounter lvl 8

Hi everyone!

For my latest script, I decided to make a tool that will automatically map, unwrap and layout the UVs of your polygon mesh. The uv seams will be generated from either your object hard edges or a custom surface angle if you choose so. This script can be very useful while modeling to quickly generate UV shells that can used for selection purpose. It can also provide a good base when creating your UVs for texturing.

You will find below a snapshot of the script window and its different options as well as some examples of the script in action:

The script is available for free on my ArtStation store: https://www.artstation.com/gabrielnadeau/store/yw5w/maya-gn-automatic-uvs-by-hard-edges
Let me know your thoughts and feel free to contact me if you encounter any bug or you think that something could be improved/changed.



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