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Skin looks really bad in Marmoset

Hello everyone,

I'm doing some lookdev in Marmoset for my new character I'm working on and I've been trying to figure out a way to make my skin look good in Marmoset.
The thing I'm having the most issues with is the diffuse of the material.
This is what it looks like in Marmoset: 

And this is what it looks like in ZBrush:

I've look at multiple tutorials and looked at different ways to shade skin, but nothing seems to help. The above image from Marmoset was the best I could achieve from the tutorials I followed.
I know that my lighting in Marmoset isn't the best, but I've tried multiple lighting setups, even without any additional lights (only the sky light) and it looks absolutely terrible, no matter which sky I pick. For example, here's the one I use right now (Ennis House) without any additional lights, only the sky:

And here's also an image of my material properties:

What am I doing wrong here? All help is very much appreciated. Thank you!


  • FourtyNights
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    FourtyNights greentooth
    Are you actually using a specular-gloss workflow based on the tutorial, or a metalness-roughness workflow? The latter one is the most typically used in these days. Because on your "Gloss" slot has a "roughness" map, and you inverted it to work as a gloss map, which is right to get it work properly in that case...

    ...but I think you're working with a wrong reflectivity though, and it's "Specular" now, and you don't have a specular map either to fullfill the material definition for the skin. Try switching it to "Metalness" (of course keep the metalness to 0, since this is a skin material). It also changes the gloss to roughness, and you can uncheck the invert on that after the switch.

    Also, to get subsurface scattering to work the best, your character needs to be scaled to a real-life scale. Typical average size/height for a male is 180cm (5'10'') and 165cm (5'5'') for a female.

    The "Scatter Map" is also missing. It's basically the albedo map, with a lot more contrast, to give it more orange or redder look. The "Translucency Map" is looking correct, but it's not named right, SSS stands for the previous scatter map. This one is a thickness map or simply a translucency map.

    Hope these little things help. (;
  • captainumbrella
    Hey FourtyNights, thank you so much for helping me out and explaining! It already looks a LOT better. I need to do some tweaking so get it to where I want it, but this was definitely a massive help. Again, thank you! 
  • EarthQuake
    Saurabh Jethani wrote an extensive article on how to create great skin in Toolbag, check it out here: https://marmoset.co/posts/creating-realistic-skin-toolbag-saurabh-jethani/
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