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[Finished] Desert Town Concept

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Hi guys,
I want to share with you, one of my latest artworks.  This project started as a small workshop challenge but grew up a little bigger than I expected. An original idea was to build a victorian town to a desert setting. I used that as an opportunity to improve my workflow and incorporate 3D in it. I used a bunch of techniques in it, some parts from a victorian set from kitbash3D and changed their materials to fit more in the desert environment. I modeled couple assets, and main wooden building, created characters in Daz3D to have them as a base for overpaint, then I set up It all on 3D scene in blender, rendered, overpainted and photobashed it in photoshop.
I hope you will like it. All critique and comments will be appreciated.

Final piece

Initial sketches
3D scene

Some assets I used in project


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