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3D Character Artist (Realistic style)

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annaberu polycounter lvl 3
Hi, my name is Annabelle and I am a specialized character artist
I can do the whole process of a character's creation: sculpting, retopology, texturing, hair in real time, shaders.

You can contact me through my personal website : https://annabellesemaan.wixsite.com/portfolio
I would be pleased to give my time to work on characters, contact me anytime

Skills and expertize

-High understanding of human anatomy

-Realize high to low resolution characters in their entirety

-Create animation and rigging ready topology

-Create high quality textures and shaders

-Model Organic to Hard Surface mesh

-Create additional props such as hair and weapons

Software used in workflow:
Maya | Zbrush | Substance Painter | Marvelous Designer | Photoshop | XGen |Marmoset

You can check more of my work on my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/annaberu_chan

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