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[Photoshop] MagicPicker 7, new ‘Sticky’ color wheel HUD in Photoshop

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I just updated MagicPicker, my popular professional color wheel for Photoshop (since year 2008!)

The main new feature in MagicPicker 7.1 is the new HUD display, shown in the image below. It contains all of the plugin’s controls, and pops up anywhere on screen beneath the cursor. Also this Color Picker can ‘stick’ to your keyboard shortcut (or pen button). Press the shortcut to show the panel, and release to hide! You can use all power of MagicPicker including Color Temperature Wheel, Color Schemes etc. in this mode! Read more about how to set up MagicPicker’s sticky HUD

The full list of What's new is quite huge this time! So briefly here are some changes:

HUD Mode! Popup MagicPicker anywhere on the screen under your cursor. 
   - Displayed via a keyboard shortcut (defined in Settings)
   - Displayed via a stylus button click (if button click is assigned to that shortcut)
   - Displayed by clicking "HUD Mode" button on the panel
   - Works in Photoshop AND Illustrator
   - Interactive and fully functional HUD! All MagicPicker functions work including Color Scheme switch etc
   - When in HUD Mode all keyboard shortcuts work without running MagicPicker from Extensions menu

Sticky HUD Mode (optional)

   - HUD shows up on key down and hides on key up (works with stylus buttons too)
   - Go to MagicPicker Settings to activate Sticky mode for HUD
   - You can run HUD in Sticky mode alongside with the main panel, having access both to MagicPicker HUD and current colors display when the HUD is hidden

Color values on the wheel are now displayed in real time as you move your mouse/stylus, so you can see what are you picking right away  New Keyboard Shortcuts to new MagicPicker functions:
* Swap current color for its complementary
* Swap current color for its complementary keeping color's brightness (Tone Lock'ed)

MagicPicker now affects Solid fill color of selected layer when Colorize Shapes and Text is on.
- It can shift hue in multiple selected colored fills if multiple layers are activated and hue on the color wheel is shifted

Snap color to the closest number on the numeric rulers (Also Ctrl- or Cmd-click HSB or RGB sliders to round to the closest number)
Full size preview of the current color!   
ALT-clicking on the foreground/background color swatch brings huge color preview the size of the whole panel

NEW! Auto-copy current color values to Clipboard. You pick a color and its values are automatically in the clipboard
- Ctrl- or Cmd-click on the Copy values button to activate it

Here's the full list of what's new

Upgrade MagicPicker

Read more about MagicPicker, the pro Photoshop color wheel & HUD

Please contact me if you have any suggestions or questions, I'm always open to implementing new stuff since I made my first panel, MagicPicker 12 years ago. Contact me on Facebook or Twitter.

-- Anastasiy
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