Hong Kong 2084

Hi all, I've been taking Alex Figini's concepting in ZBrush over on LearnSquared and I thought I would post my WIPs here. I hope I won't abandon this thread like my previous one.

The world is set in Hong Kong, year 2084, where the Hong Kongers are fighting for freedom against China who have sent in legions of robotic riot police to enforce order. 

The idea is to create a cyberpunk character concept using ZBrush, Marvelous Designer and Keyshot.

Lesson 1: 2D design

Final designs:


Let me know what you think. :) I have some internal qualms about having a fully robotic character wear padded body armour but I reasoned that having a contrast of hard surface and softer elements (of the clothing and body armour) would work well. Also makes it more indicative that it is a riot police. Design of graphics and decals will still have to be figured out.


  • CharlesMcmuffin
    Update 1: 2D design refinement

    The Director at the company where I work at was kind enough to spend some time doing paintovers of my previous 2D design. 

    An issue he pointed out was the weird presence of clothing, unusual for a robot. Also the entire design seemed to be geared more towards being menacing rather than being something for peackeeping. These were points in which I agreed with. 

    His name is Ronald Fong and you can check him out here: https://www.ronald-fong.com/

    Paint overs by Ronald:

    My own scrappy attempt at drawing over. I wanted to see how I could incorporate clothing elements to balance out the hard surface forms. I thought to move away from the design being a pure robot but rather something of a cyborg. This would let me place clothing onto the design. 

  • CharlesMcmuffin
    Update 2: 3D sketch 

    Taking the 2D design into zbrush, I went ahead and blocked out the forms, trying to get a consistent visual language down. I also tried to figure out the mechanics of how the character would move. I kept quite close to the 2D paintover by Ronald. There was a heavy focus on design. I think it's at a stage where it's rather ok, but things like silhouette, the head could definitely be improved on. 

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