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[PAID] 3D Environment Artist wanted - Style of 'League of Legends' / 'Heroes of the Storm'

We are looking for a 3D Artist for models and textures (environment / props / items) .

The assets are intended for a VR project and should hence be mid- to low-poly. The style should be similar to League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm. Beside those, here is another example in a similar style:


We need 4 different environments:
Planes (grass, trees etc)
Wasteland / ruins
Cave System / Dungeon
Sci-Fi / Space Station.

For the first environment, we would require the following assets: wall of rock, rock cliff, mountains, various stones and boulders, a floating island-like stone, a pit, ravine, tunnel, torch, various trees (3-4), tree trunk, tree stumps (2), wooden beams, rope bridge, rope, bars, trail / beaten path, energy orbs, river, gloves.

For the remaining 3 environments we need equivalent models. For the wasteland environment, most models will only need some re-texturing, except for the trees, which should be dead trees. Furthermore, the wasteland needs some old temple ruins (low details, only from the outside). The cave environment will require a little more remodeling so the assets look more cave-like. Instead of trees there should be 2 to 3 other plants, instead of a river there should be a lava river etc. For the sci-fi / space station environment, we'll need the following: corridors, wall panels (closed and open), corridors with damage, severed corridors, wall panels with damage, metal beams, electronics / boards / cables, consoles / sci-fi terminals / displays, ducts / shafts, lights, space mines, explosions, planets, energy shields.

The 4 environments should fit into the same game.

The majority of the the assets should be done by mid august at the latest. There is prospect for more work in the future.

We are looking forward to responses that include portfolios and/or examples as well as a cost estimate for the assets described above. Please include revisions as well as an exclusive and unrestricted license for our company in your cost calculations. Feel free to send your application to apply@liscintec.com

Thank you.

Best regards,

Simeon Knieling, PhD


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