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Our artists honor the unique aesthetic vision of each project and work to make all aspects of the experience beautiful. The team is comprised of 2D/conceptual artists, 3D modelers, technical and effects artists, and animators.  We are seeking a talented VFX Game Artist to work on projects ranging from online worlds and handheld games to virtual reality experiences and themed interactive attractions.  

You must demonstrate the ability to collaborate well with a multi­disciplined team, communicating constructively, both verbally and in writing, in order to create engaging and visually compelling game assets.  The ideal candidate will have to be self-motivated and a collaborative team player who is able to work closely with the Art Director to be responsible for large sections of the game. 

Our ideal candidate will have the ability to handle both technical and artistic issues during game development, as well as be able to work quickly in a team atmosphere with schedules and reliable milestone delivery, all while demonstrating the ability to respond professionally to feedback and art direction.   This candidate should be highly creative, able to conceptualize, and possess an eye for motion.  Passion for effects work and game visuals, with the ability to reach a wide range of styles within the media are crucial. 

You will design, create and implement dynamic and dramatic in-game special effects in-engine (explosions, pyro, UI effects, magic, environmental effects, etc). You will work closely with designers, engineers, artists, and audio to inspire gameplay ideas and ensure that the effects meet design needs and stunning visuals. Our candidate should be comfortable using Maya, Photoshop, Unreal and/or Unity to create and implement VFX.  

We’re looking for someone excited about cross­-disciplined collaboration and making great games with us! 

Link below for applications!


  • Portfolio of work must be available for review, displaying use of particle systems, shaders, and mesh effects
  • Understanding of optimization limitations and methodology 
  • Display excellent communication skills, both verbal and visual
  • Understanding of various methodologies for VFX creation
  • Experience in Unreal and/or Unity engine for creation of VFX
  • Understanding of VFX/PostFX integration and performance impacts 

Desired Skills:

  • Concept art foundational skills
  • Houdini experience
  • Knowledge of shader creation or shader based workflows

Educational Background Preferred: 

  •  BS/BA/BFA degree in fine arts, animation, visual communication, or similar 

To apply, please visit our site and start the application process: http://sg.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?id=59
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