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3d and/or 2D Artists for dystopian open world sci-fi survival game

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Lexi polycounter lvl 2
Hey all, am currently writing a game storyline for a hobby project that i would like to develop further.

I am looking for an experienced game artist 3d and/or 2d to join the project and help develop the characters, assets and environment.

the idea evolves around an outbreak of a viral disease that causes severe non-fatal mutations in a small population of humans and wild animals in North America in 2081. A scientific research organization wants to study the physiological, behavioural and social changes in the humans and animal subjects. So they are taken to a large island on which they are observed remotely by cameras and drones (other advanced technologies).

The players must hunt, gather, build, craft, tame and also develop clans to survive.

Email: [email protected]


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