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ReTiCo (RealTime Companion), a Blender add-on oriented 3D realtime and glTF workflows

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Let me introduce you to ReTiCo:

It's oriented realtime workflow but some feature may be interesting for everyone as well.

Here a non-exhaustive-list of features, check the doc' to know more:


- quick set backface culling on/off
- set active texture node (useful in viewport Solid > Texture mode)
- mute textures (materials have to use glTF convention), very useful for texture baking
- detect & fix wrong texture nodes colorspace, and also check if UV chans sets on some nodes actually uses mesh UV names
- reports can help to clean the scene


- transfer names from Object to Mesh
- easily set the same autosmooth on objects
- copy names to clipboard can be helpful once in your 3D engine, to select specific meshes


- easily switch active UV chan
- rename your channels using "UVMap, UV2, UV3, etc" pattern
- quick apply a box mapping


It's probably a "niche" addon, but I hope it can be useful for some people.

PS: you may also be interested by my other addon, Polycount.

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