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Getting VR Vive Trackers to work properly?

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NealAdamLT polycounter lvl 5
Hey guys,

I am currently working on my own controller wich is working with a Vive Tracker 2.0.
I got 3 Buttons in total hoocked to my Vive Controller. But I can't seem to get the button inputs to work properly.
The tracker itself is wired correctly to the buttons, since the inputs are displayed in the "Test Controller" Menu.

I am using Unreal 4.23 and even tried the same stuff in the newer Unreal 4.24.1 Version with no success.
Bevor adding the Steam VR Input Plugin Unreal kept crashing when making an Input. 
Now I got the Trigger Input to Work, but even though I selected it to be a Press and Release Action, the Buttons acts like a Toggle.
I cant find a solution in the forums or on google in general.

These are my Tracker bindings.

When looking at the Input debugger I can see a possible cause for the Input being a toggle in the displayed Filter in the middle. But I never concously slected to use a filter or something similar.

I hope someone has experience with Vive Trackers in Unreal and their inputs.
I currently don't know what else to do, since I never worked with Vive Trackers before and most tutorials didnt even feature the use of the SteamVR Input Plugin.
I am really thankful if someone could help.

Thanks in advance!
With kind regards,
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