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Portifolio review of my page

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eatmylazer polycounter lvl 4
Hello everyone.
I wonder if anyone is willing to do some kind of portifolio review of my page.

I'm not actualy a pro and everything there i learnt by myself, but is great to have some feedback in my overall progress.

All the stuff that is on the page is mainly because i'm trying to make my own game. So i thought it would be a great idea to just share the things i actually complete and make running on the game (there is some environment/prop stuff even though i'm mostly inclined into becoming a character artist above all else).

Time to time i'm restarting the main character design with the new stuff i learn, so you can see the overall progress between each version.

Be honest please, if you don't know why something is there just ask me and i'll gladly answer them all.

Thanks :heart:



  • slosh
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    slosh hero character
    I'm not sure there is a lot to say.  You don't really have much in your folio...esp as a character artist.  You have like one character rendered multiple times.  It's not a bad character, but not a particularly good one either.  Did you do the character in your avatar image?  That shows a lot of promise.  I think you are on the right track though.  Make another character that builds on the one you already have.  And for folio's sake, I would only have 1-2 posts that revolve around the same character.  I wouldn't leave previous iterations as separate posts.  Just put all your progress in one post.  No one wants to click on 4-5 different posts of the same character.  The main crit on the long haired gal you have is that the materials and texturing needs a lot of work.  It looks mostly like solid colors and incredibly basic materials and is far too clean.  Spend a lot more time studying materials and texturing methods to improve the overall look.  You could use better lighting as well.  Hope that helps!
  • Seeberg
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    Seeberg polycounter lvl 6
    I can't comment on the character art, as that is not my specialty but I agree with slosh with the repetitiveness. Definitely need to show off your ability and skill to create characters by showing more, rather than just 1 in different poses. I know that wouldn't help me if I showed the same gun modeled but each "portfolio piece" had a different attachment. Also always hyperlink your portfolio. Makes it easier for others to quickly click and review your work. Same on resumes and emails to recruiters / HR. Always hyperlink. 

    For the two props that you do have, the sword is too soft looking. It may be due to larger bevels but I wouldn't know. Never hurts to add a wire-frame of the prop, rather than a mat screen grab out of blender. For character props and environments you should treat them just as important as the character in terms of showcasing renders. 

    For your environment its a good start. I would double check the sRGB in Unreal of the grayscale maps and make sure that is turned off. As your metals look to dark for the scene and your roughness seems very wet. 
  • NikhilR
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    NikhilR polycounter
    A lot of the advice here is for getting work in a game studio, where you'd like be doing retopo rather than the full pipeline you clearly demonstrate you can do.
    I would approach this aspect a little differently.
    Rather than make more characters demonstrating variety, what I would do is similar to this guy,
    Now he can't make environments for shit, and is pretty honest about it (when he was called out)
     Basically bought as much as he could not make himself, even the lighting.
    Even the characters were mostly spliced up.

    What got his project attention was the timing of his release, and the quality (not all of it was his)
    This got him support from Epic and Sony to develop it into a PS4 exclusive release.
    So my point is that while you can definitely keep pushing the quality, given your skill level, there is a lot more you can do to gain renown.
    I also noticed you are based in Brazil which may make it difficult to get in studio work overseas, though you can definitely look into freelancing.

    Personally if it was me hiring, you'd be in, based on the fact that you can integrate a character very well already, the polish aspect comes with time and honestly is so bloody variable in a studio, sometimes I just don't get what the portfolio has to do with it.
    All the character artists I know who've started their first job in AAA studios are making retextures, boots, belts and retopoing body scans.

    It will be a long while before they get to tackle the quality that is apparently expected in their portfolio's regardless of how good they are, and few of the ones actually hired have actually demonstrated this clearly.
     Forget about working on heads, hair, musculature (for film) and VISEMES at the start unless you can demonstrate that effectively and even then they can be very very nitpicky.
    Of course in Indie studios/freelance you will likely get to touch on this a lot sooner.

    I can defintely see this character in something like Bayonetta which you should look into (The HD version)
    About the progression bit as you've shown, you could put that in a blog post instead, though I like seeing it the way you have it currently set up, demonstrates improvement and tenacity and I personally don't get peeved by seeing earlier works

    Like its not an issue to put it the way you have it set up, but many recruiters/lead artists in AAA can be pretty incompetent when it comes to reviewing lots of portfolios and being on a tight schedule, so they get easily confused. 

    Like its pretty obvious that you are more skilled than just making characters in 3D to present in a viewer, so that certainly has a lot of value.
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