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[AUDIO] Hillside Productions | Free Previews | Songs, Sounds, Voice Acting

Hi all! We are a multifaceted audio production team based out of Nevada! We are capable of creating high quality original soundtracks, sound effects, as well as voice acting. We also currently offer free previews! If you have a song you would like in your game, but aren't willing to take the risk to outright hire a composer, we are what you are looking for. All you need to do is fill out a form here, and we'll make a short preview for you. If you're interested, we'll complete it, change whatever you want changed, and send it to you!

We do the same thing for sound effects and voice acting. We're currently charging only $5 for custom sounds, as well! Feel free to send us a message!

Cheers, hope to hear from you!  =)
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