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Digimon World Remake Project

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Hi Polycount!

It's been a while. I have been hard at work with a programmer, working on a small demo remake of the original Digimon World game on PS1. Of course, as there are only two of us (plus a musician), we can't possibly hope to make the entire game. As such, we are only recreating a tiny portion of it.

This project came to life from my 2019 Retrogasm entry, and it's sort of evolved into a fully fledged project. It's been great fun so far, and a fantastic learning experience! I will post updates to the project in this thread as we go.

Here is some stuff below:

File City WIP (Agumon model to be replaced by a new one I am currently working on as the one shows here is not my own):

Betamon Animations (all aspects created by me):

Work in progress of Agumon, who will be the second Digimon in our demo:

Attack animation test in UE4 (using particle effects from the Epic store): Native Forest WIP area:
Extra renders from Marmoset:


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