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Created a Custom Texture with height info How Can I Export this as a Material? (Substance Painter)

Hello all,
I have created a custom texture in Substance Painter by using this method ' https://docs.substance3d.com/spdoc/painting-tilling-materials-162005041.html '
I created a seamless texture that includes both Color, Normal and Height information.
However, I would like to export this newly created texture and use it on another 3D model. How can I export this to use on another model?



  • oglu
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    oglu polycount lvl 666
    File --> export textures.
  • kevkuhn1337
    It was so obvious. I guess I was hoping there was a way to make it into a smart material. Something easier than managing all the various texture maps.            
    Listing the steps below in case someone in the future needs it.
    I got it working by Exporting the textures and then Importing the textures and assigning the various texture maps (Base Color, Roughness, Normal, and Height map) to a Fill layer. Then used a black mask to choose the areas I wanted to paint the texture in. In the Fill properties I changed the scale and offset and rotation to get the texture to a reasonable size.

  • Taylor Brown
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    Taylor Brown ngon master
    If you just wanted to make a smart material, throw all the layers/folders into one Parent folder and right click it. Theres an option called Create Smart Material
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