Thickness map issues when baking to different materials?

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zenonithus polycounter lvl 5
Hello folks, I have a body model where each body part has a different material and it's own UVs. When I bake the thickness out I'm getting really bad
misalignment. This also occurs in substance though not as bad. Any idea what is the issue? cheers


  • EarthQuake
    Hi, unfortunately this is a problem that will happen when using multiple texture sets. What happens here is that for each texture set, the thickness result is calculated and then normalized (the contrast is adjusted so that the values map neatly within the 0-1 range). This happens on a per-texture set basis rather than a per-baker object basis. This is something we'll need to investigate changing for a future release.

    For now what you could try doing, is mapping both UV sets to a 2:1 texture (make a temporary copy of the low poly mesh), and bake the thickness map with a single image, and then split the image in two in an image editing app. Let me know if that makes sense.
  • zenonithus
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    zenonithus polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks Earthquake for shedding light on the issue. For now I just baked a one sheet uv version and baked that onto the seperate materials via albedo bake. Looking forward to the fix in future.
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