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[PAID] Creation Of Realistic Female Head

Hello there, my name is Ashley! 
Unlike many others on here I do not represent a team (yet: fingers crossed), however I do have a little project that I plan on growing into something larger. I don't want to bore you with too many details, but long story short I have a wee little youtube channel and after some prodding from my subscribers/community, I've decided to renew a machinima series from long ago. I've been studying the 3D world for the last year so I will also be creating small cinematic 'cutscenes' or (really) short films to accompany the series, outside of the game engine. 
That being said modelling is not my strong suit, or even my weak suit if I'm being honest, so that's where you (hopefully) come in! 

I am looking for a Character Artist or 3D Modeller to create a realistic female head based off of a collection of reference photos. I will be using your creation both inside of a game, and for cinematic cut scenes. 

⦁ Animation friendly topology (optimal deformation is essential)
⦁ Clean and efficient edge flow
⦁ Non-intersecting UV's
⦁ Communication with me throughout the process
⦁ Low poly head optimized for games
⦁ High poly head optimized for cinematics

⦁ Zbrush file with polygroups, seperate layers, and subdivision history
⦁ Loads of experience. Quality is important, however don't be afraid to reach out if you're a student or newcomer to the freelancing world

Depending On Cost/Your Confidence:
⦁ Textures
⦁ Blendshapes
⦁ Hair

As a student I'm looking to keep this as affordable as possible (while paying you fairly) so please DM me with quotes for both a textured and untextured head. 
Please reach out and feel free to ask any questions! Examples of work, experience levels and any portfolio links would also be appreciated.

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