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Hi there!

This is going to be a thread of wips for my next project.
I wanted to sculpt one of my favorite characters from Dragonball, Bulma! 
The goal is to make a current generation stylized version of her. 

The first thing I have to do, is find a style for the face. The rest of the character will be based on what I end up doing with the face. It's kind of a starting/reference point. Also I LOVE working on faces. 

Wip, of course. It can still change completely. But it's a first attempt at making a face fitting for Bulma. I might add expressions just to make sure it fits the character. She is supposed to be kind of fierce but also a bit goofy and cute of course. 

Feedback is always appreciated!

Link to my artstation: https://www.artstation.com/timmermanniels

I'll keep you updated! 




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