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[WIP][UE4] Conceptual Underwater Scene

Hey polycount, my first post here :# !
Recently, I started to work on a conceptual underwater environment. It is currently at a, let's say, mid-early stage. I'm currently fleshing out the atmosphere and lighting. I wanted to heard about your opinions and critiques about the scene, the atmosphere, which shots you liked and compositions etc.
I'm using Megascans for the textures and meshes and some assets are from marketplace, lighting is realtime without raytracing.
These are some shots and shot varieties from the scene

And these are some of the references that I'm using. 

Next, I will detail out and fix materials of the soil underneath the tree first, then gonna work on water bubbles, distortions and caustics caused by the sinking of the tree and the soil then detail up the parts which needs some love. I may also find some new angles to work with so these are not the final angles for the shots :). Thank you for your time!


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    After a long time, I finally found some free time to continue working on this. Fleshed out the environment and lighting a bit more,  I'm happy with how the atmosphere is coming together. I'm yet to work on VFX and particles. The scene will come together even more when the bubbles and caustics caused by the sinking of the tree is added to the scene. Let me know what yo think! :#
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