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[Environment art] Jungle treehouse scene design + perspective?

I'm not too great with perspective, it's something I'm only really just learning, as well as environment art in general - I come from doing portraits.

I'm trying to sketch out a scene for a project I'm working on for my degree (to ultimately make into a 3D scene) but I'm just struggling figuring out perspective and how to correct my sketch/composition etc.

(bit of explanation for you: In an alien world similar to earth in a tropical forest environment, a researcher/biologist lives in the big tree on the left, hence the ladders going up and the big hole/gap next to the lower ladders is the ground floor for the tree house. There's a shallow-ish pond kinda thing over on the right with a big rock behind it with tree growing on it. middle bg is trees and fauna etc.)

The treehouse is very messy right now with the twisting intertwining branches but I'm struggling to fix this (alongside a lot of other aspects)  as well without knowing how to correctly set up the perspective I guess, which is also not helping me with scaling things properly.

I've drawn a line where I'm guessing the horizon line would be but I think the whole thing needs a reshuffle tbh:

This was my first sketch (pic below) to give more of an idea, but I felt like it didn't have a wide enough perspective and the aspects I wanted in the scene were a bit crammed in really so that's why I moved onto the one above

boards I've made for image reference:

I'm doing concept art for individual plants for the world separately but tried doing a few scene sketches (ones above) to help me visualise my alien tropical jungle world lol, as I thought this would help me with individual asset design.

I have an idea on how I may draw out the perspective after watching FZD video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jaiGzpIw6k , although the video kinda covers more over perspective with buildings - maybe I could steal the perspective from an existing pic of buildings and adjust my sketch to that, but even still i don't know what kind of perspective I'd need to fit it well enough.

Sorry if I've babbled on - but basically I'd like help/critique with the composition of this scene in terms of perspective and layout (keeping in mind a 3D scene is to eventually be made from this basic concept)

Some help on this would be highly appreciated, and any advice on environment design too:)
This is my first post here (hope I'm doing it right lol)
Thank you
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