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Blood Necromancer Tower

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Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 14
Personal project I did for fun to teach myself Octane. I bought the license for it and am using the plugin in Maya for it. 

Started sketching some ideas on my iPad in Procreate, then started a 3D blockout in Maya. I composed the shot and setup Octane materials and lighting, then composited renders in Photoshop.

Last step is painting in Photoshop!

Art Station link:

Final image:

GIF of PSD layer breakdown 

Sketching ideas on IPad in Procreate

Final tower blockout and thinking of what kinds of shots I want to do.

Making some materials for Octane using Materialize. Mostly care about getting the displacement maps because Octane handles those nicely.

This was my first render out of Octane. Brought it into Photoshop to do some paint overs on it for ideas.

I bought some cheap trees online somewhere for $10. Had to spend a couple hours cleaning up all the garbage on them, but it was worth the cheap price after cleaning them up and setting up Octane materials on them!

”Beauty” render out of Octane with fog and the trees.

These are the render passes I kicked out with Octane


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