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PolySlicer Plugin for 3dsMax

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My new plugin for PolySlicer for 3dsMax.

PolySlicer is a 3dsMax plugin for creating parametric furnitures in a few seconds.

  • PolySlicer provides all the workflow from creating slices to unwrapping for creating a complete cg model.
  • PolySlicer works tested and works with 3dsMax 2012 and all upper 3dsmax versions.
  • But it is always better to use this plugin in the newest 3dsmax version you have access.
  • PolySlicer doesn't create any data for a cnc machine. It only generates a model for cgi.


  • Slicer features:
  • PolySlicer slices the selected object in a few seconds.
  • PolySlicer produces clean and even edge topology, and a flat ngons for the large wood areas which is easier to edit.
  • You can specify the parameters like wood thickness, gap thickness, edge resolution.
  • You can add a chamfer for smooth edges.
  • There is a checkbox for showing detailed info after the slicing process completes.
  • Rods and Washers tool:
  • You can add metal rods with a single click.
  • PolySlicer calculates rod's length and washers positions automatically.
  • You can specify the parameters such as washer thickness and radius and rod thickness.
  • Rod stops at the last slice it can reach.
  • For more details, watch the video.
  • Unwrap uvs tool:
  • Unwrap tool unwraps the uvs of the slices with a one click.
  • You can adjust the tiling and rotation of the uvs seperately for edges and sides.
Youtube link:

Purchase link:
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