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Sketchbook: Mitches

Hello everyone.  I'm at it once again.  It will be a slow progression, but I'm determined to finish my goals.  Hopefully it will be a great learning experience for me and it won't be too painful for you viewers.

The end game here will be multiple video intros of multiple video games I've dreamt about designing ever since I can remember...

It will mainly consist of the logo of the name of the game and some environment art accompanied by some fantasy character art.  I'll do my best with my skill set to make something exciting out of this.

This one, Milanthia: The Wayward Enchantment, will have a darker medieval fantasy style with a touch of futuristic art.  My influence for this piece will be lightly based around Zelda II, Adventure Time and Heavy Metal: The Movie (1981).  Thought that would be a fun mashup.  Please, feel free to critique.


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