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weird Zbrush UV master bug


I have a high res and polypainted model in Zbrush.
I duplicate it, take off the higher subdivisions, UV master, then reproject the original mesh on it.

But then when trying to generate a diff map, the UVs are all over the place, big black patches everywhere.
Same if I try to use a polypaint done directly on the apparently UVd model.

Any ideas?
I think I always done this workflow, and never had any problems before, really confused.. what am I missing?


  • cryrid
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    cryrid greentooth
    A screenshot might help shed some light on the error you're getting.

    I'm a little confused at the mentioned workflow, since from the sound of it you're not doing anything that would change the Vertex Order and thus there should be no need to re-project anything. Instead just click UV Master: Work on Clone (which will automatically create a new tool based on the lowest subdivision level), unwrap that clone, copy the UVs, then switch back to the original tool and paste the UVs. 
  • ramer0
    True, sorry, I wasn't thinking I guess!

    However, even if I work on clone, it doesn't work.
    Below there is a freshly UVd model from UV master.
    Not even the previous texture, I just draw a line on it,  then try to turn it into diffuse texture and this happens:

    Post image

  • kanga
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    kanga sublime tool
    Show a screen shot of the flattened uvs in zBrush.
  • ramer0
    Okay, I redid it like 10 times and now it's working. 

    No idea what was going on though...

    One freshly UVd model I saved out as obj then loaded back, the UVs that were just fine a moment ago now looked like this:

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